Attack simulation

dxw has provided digital delivery services since 2008.

Over that time, we’ve become frustrated by security testing that seems designed to fit into compliance processes, instead of finding security problems and helping clients to fix them.

Often, we see reports that are little more than an automated scan being accepted as evidence of strong security.

Even when done well, penetration test are usually scoped so narrowly that they can only give reassurance about a tiny part of an organisation's security.

Our work is different: we'll use the same techniques attackers would use to breach your systems, explain how we did it, and work with you to fix the problems we've found

We don't just scan our clients' websites for vulnerabilities. Our tests are proactive, concerted attempts by motivated ethical hackers to achieve specific undesirable objectives.

We'll work with you to produce a scope of work that captures your entire operation, and set the testing objective based on the kinds of breaches that would be most damaging to your organisation.

During the simulation, we’ll speak to you about our progress, blockers, critical findings and scope. We’ll keep the scope under review as we go, and, with your agreement, we’ll make any changes necessary to help us achieve the testing objectives.

At the end, we’ll provide a report that explains what we did in simple, non-technical language, as well as describing our technical findings in detail. Afterwards, we'll meet you to discuss it, and meet you again later to advise on remediation.

By the end of the work, you'll have a clear understanding of how your systems can be breached, what level of ability the breach required and a set of clear, practical things you can do to improve.

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