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Good security comes from timely, well-informed decisions

dxw has provided digital delivery services to the public sector since being founded in 2008.

dxw made secure development and operations a priority very early in its work, in response to clear demand from clients for the services they operate to be safe.

As with all of its work, dxw approaches security iteratively and with an agile mindset. We adhere to a set of principles rather than to fixed processes, adapting as we learn and as our context changes.

We believe that a culture of secure decision-making is fundamental if organisations are to meaningfully change their security posture.

Strict processes and formal requirements cannot work in isolation: ultimately, organisations will only be secure if the people that work in them prioritise the work that it requires.

And, critically, ensure that their work enables the work of others: security should never “say no”, because if security doesn’t work for people, it doesn’t work at all.

Our experience can help teams and leaders make better security decisions

Harry Metcalfe

Harry has been the founder and managing director of dxw digital for ten years. During this time, he was personally responsible for the company’s security operations. This work included hosting highly visible GOV.UK and NHS services, as well as services managing large amounts of sensitive personal data.

He also oversaw efforts to continually improve dxw’s development processes, and was responsible for introducing and managing the company’s ISO27001 Information Security Management system.

Glyn Wintle

Glyn has been a penetration tester since 2011. He has worked for clients across the private and public sectors, including local and central government, the NHS and housing associations.

He has been widely recognised for the technical quality and creativity he brings to testing, regularly producing significant findings that have gone undiscovered in previous testing.

His tests regularly uncover zero-day vulnerabilities in widely-used third party libraries and dependencies.

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