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Just-in-time penetration testing is a bad way to do security

dxw has provided digital delivery services to the public sector since 2008.

Over that time, we’ve often seen clients carry out security testing late in the process, without having considered security during delivery.

A red-team style penetration test carried out in this context almost always finds numerous critical issues.

Fixing critical issues in a product designed without the benefit of a security expert is slow, disruptive, expensive and forces teams to make trade-offs that damage security.

We believe that making a product secure from the start is more efficient and more manageable than hoping for the best and then fixing problems after the fact.

We embed security experts in teams, to help them make better security decisions

Our embedded security experts work on-site with client teams to help them deliver secure services from the start.

We’ll work with you to understand and document the security-critical parts of your product, to manage and measure your security posture, to advise your teams as they make decisions, and to carry out regular, targeted testing.

Over time, we’ll help your existing team to become more security aware, so they make better security decisions.

Our goal is to improve your team’s capability, not to make you dependent on us. So we’ll review with you regularly and adjust the number of days we provide to ensure that we’re always adding value.

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