dxw cyber helps technology teams to build and operate digital services securely

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We help organisations move towards the culture and practices which deliver more secure services, and away from approaches that treat cyber assurance as a series of check-box exercises

We're frustrated with information security approaches that do little to actually improve information security, and we think the time has come for a more progressive approach.

About dxw

dxw has provided digital delivery services to the public sector since 2008, helping public sector teams to make good technology decisions and build better services. We understand that technology alone cannot solve the problems that most organisations face, so we work to influence processes, planning, strategy and professional culture as well.

We've established dxw cyber to bring the same perspective to security and assurance work. Our practice is grounded in high-value penetration testing, and wrapped with practical, hands-on support for front-line teams and pragmatic, focussed consultancy for leaders.

Work with us

If you're interested in a conversation about how dxw cyber could help, we'd love to talk.

You can email cyber@dxw.com
or call us on 0345 257 7520.

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